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New Medicare Guidlines 

New Medicare guidelines have made it harder for patients to choose which oxygen company they wish to use. If you are on traditional Medicare and on oxygen, Medicare will only pay for your oxygen for 36 months. After the 36 months of rental, the current Oxygen Company is obligated to provide all the supplies you need for free and at no cost to you for 2 more years. If you are on oxygen tanks, Medicare will pay a very low monthly fee to Oxygen Company for refills at a set rate and not per fill. Some O2 companies are forcing their patients to come to their offices to get the tank exchanges. We at Advanced Care, feel this is a disservice to the oxygen patient. Any complaints you may have please contact your congressman or Senator to complain. You may also contact Darren Nord at any of our contact numbers to have assistance in contacting your proper representative. During the 2 years Medicare will not pay for rental of your Oxygen machine, you may find your service level decrease because your current company may feel that you are not a paying customer.


After 5 years on O2 service through Medicare, you have a right to upgrade your O2 equipment to better technology through your current provider or another provider.  If you have been on longer then 5 years, we hope your will take the time and find the right O2 company that will treat you right and fair.


You deserve a better O2 service. You deserve more.


If you have been on oxygen for less than 36 months and are displeased with the size, loudness, smell, amount of heat your O2 machine gives off, you may contact our company for a free demonstration of the best of Oxygen Producing Technology.


Our patients who are renting from month to month and are up to date with their billing, can enjoy our premier level of services at no additional cost. One of these services is the ability to check out (like a library book) the many different types of travel concentrators for use on airplanes or just driving long distances. There are available for up to 2 weeks each quarter with no additional costs. A nominal fee is charged for extended length of time beyond 2 weeks.


Breathe easier with our wide selection of respiratory products that suit your needs. Advanced Care Home Medical & Oxygen has 7 different portable oxygen concentrators (POC) to choose from. With products that include features such as switchable batteries, optional battery belts, and continuous flow, we can find the product that's right for you. Advanced Care Home Medical & Oxygen offers free in-service demonstrations. There's no set up fees and home delivery is available.

Respiratory Products & Brands:

  • Trilogy 100 Ventilator
  • CPAP
  • BiPAP
  • Oxygen
  • Nebulizers
  • Inogen™—Switchable Battery Features
  • Freestyle by AirSep™—Optional Battery Belts
    • Can Last Up to 10 Hours on 1 LPM, 2 hour LPM
  • EverGo™—Lasts Up to 8 hours per Battery Set on 2 LPM
  • Eclipse™—The Only Continuous Flow Battery-Operated POC
    • Up to 3 LPM with an Optional 6 LPM Pulse Dose

We are offering these prices for first time customers only. Please fill out the contact form on the tab link below for current pricing on all portable oxygen concentrators.

Contact us for up to the minute complete respiratory products sales.

  1. Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrator $3400.00





2.  Evergo Portable Oxygen Concentrator $3400.00




3. Sequal Eclipse Portable Concentrator $3400.00